Honda Accord vs Nissan Altima Comparison

Which Is Better: Honda Accord or Nissan Altima?

Unless you’ve heard that the Altima has NASA-inspired zero-gravity front seats and you just can’t live without them, there are few reasons to choose a Nissan Altima over an Accord. Sure, the Altima’s front seats are very comfortable, and it uses even less fuel than the Accord, but there are enough downsides to give you pause before signing the paperwork on an Altima. First, the Altima has a higher starting price, with fewer standard features than the Accord. Higher trims add more features, including one of two infotainment systems. The cheaper system has a small 5-inch screen that can’t match the Accord’s set up. Even the larger 7-inch screen can be cumbersome to use, with much of the display surface covered in menu bars that limit the amount of useful visible space. The Altima’s safety features are all locked into the highest trims, which means you’ll pay more to get these features than you will with the Accord, which features the Honda Sensing system that’s available in any trim. On the road, the Altima tries to feel sporty but doesn’t fully succeed. Its handling feels too soft, and the ride feels jittery over broken pavement.

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